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TRADELAB has its fiscal domicile in Logroño (La Rioja). Originally, it was born as a calibration laboratory specialized in measuring instruments used in the agri-food and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors. In 2010, it joined the METALTEST group to offer a more complete calibration service and, subsequently, he broadened his activity being authorized as a Metrological Verification Agency for instruments subject to Legal Metrology in Weighing, Acoustics, Temperature and Refractometry areas.

TRADELAB is currently a national private entity, accredited by ENAC as Calibration Laboratory in different magnitudes according to UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and as Metrological Control Agency according to UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17020 standard.

TRADELAB has extensive experience in calibration services and a wide range of ENAC Accreditations, which provide a maximum level of confidence and security, giving a proximity service to the final client, through regional locations and secondary services in its facilities.

It offers a global service to the component manufacturing industry, to the automotive sector, machinery, electrical equipment, capital goods, rail and aeronautics, and others.

TRADELAB is aware of the high levels of demand of the sectors where it operates. For this reason, the calibrations of their equipment are carried out under strict quality controls. The ENAC accreditation fully ensures compliance and brings confidence to its customers. In the effort to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, TRADELAB incorporates or improves every year new services and technical scope.



Tradelab, as a calibration laboratory and inspection body accredited by ENAC, wants to create value and make a difference by offering a service that meets the requirements of its customers.



Tradelab believes in quality and therefore believes in all those who are committed to it. To collaborate in that its products and processes are controlled by correctly calibration and verified equipment is our main objective.

Tradelab vision

Our values

We act with the mentality and dynamism of a service company. We want to be close to our final client through our locations and provide confidence with the best technical teams.

Main sectors

industrial calibrationTradelab collaborate with industrial sectors as important as the automotive, aeronautical, railway, chemical, pharmaceutical or naval sectors. It takes into account the different characteristics of each sector to meet its quality standards and provide the best service.



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