acelerometer calibration

Accelerometers calibration

Tradelab provides accelerometers calibration with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation, using the “back to back” or “comparison” method. This method consists in fixing the accelerometer that has to be calibrated above a standard accelerometer and subjecting both to a specific frequency vibration and amplitude.

The vibration is obtained by an electrodynamic vibration exciter, powered by a power amplifier and a sinusoidal signal generator.

Tradelab performs two types of calibration:

  • Basic accelerometer calibration: it consists in the determination of the sensitivity to the frequency and to the reference acceleration.
  • Full accelerometer calibration: it consists of adding to the basic calibration the analysis of the frequency response and the “linearity analysis”, in the range of use of the accelerometer.

In the case of triaxial accelerometers, the calibration is performed independently for each direction.

Accredited accelerometers calibration

  • Frequency sensibility from 100Hz to 200Hz.
  • Frequency response from 25Hz to 2500Hz.
  • Tension sensitivity from 1 to 100 mV/ m·s-2.
  • Charge sensitivity from 1 to 100 pC/ m·s.
  • Acceleration from 5 m·s to 100 m·s-2.
  • Calibration uncertainty of 2% (k=2).
  • Calibration services both in the laboratory and on-site.


Information required to perform a calibration budget:

  • Brand and model of the instrument that needs to be calibrated.
  • Calibration requested: basic or complete.

It is very convenient to include the “signal conditioner” and the accelerometer cable.

Besides the calibration of accelerometers, Tradelab calibrates a wide range of measuring instruments.

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