Calibration services and legal metrology

Accredited calibration

Tradelab, S.L. offers calibration services with ENAC (ILAC) Accreditation and periodic verification of instruments submitted to Legal Metrology.

It covers all the metrology services that your company may need using all the experience, facilities, equipment and accreditations that Tradelab has.

Calibration with ENAC (ILAC) Accreditated

Accredited calibration in all your equipments.

Legal Metrological Control

Verifications and examinations of conformity with the model (modules F) in instruments submitted to Legal Metrology.


Calibration and verification services in your facilities.

Otros servicios

Equipment management

We offer an adequate tool to help the quality manager to keep track of the equipment used in the companies.


We can help you understand the relevant data of the certificates, help establish criteria for the acceptance of the calibrated equipment, etc.


In addition to calibration and verification services, Tradelab, S.L. can also manage other services such as pieces verification or material testing by Metaltest, company of the group.

calibration services

In addition to performing calibration services with ENAC (ILAC) Accreditation, TRADELAB can calibrate other equipment of other uncredited magnitudes.

As for example: wind speed, flow, impact energy, density, volume, chemical parameters, etc.

As well as, gas concentration, and equipment such as Charpy, MFI, VICAT pendulums, magnetic flow meters, electrostatic meters, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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