IRHD Hardness Testers calibration

IRHD Hardness Testers calibration

Tradelab carries out the calibration of IRHD hardness testers with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation.

The hardness testers for which the calibration is performed are: IRHD H, L, M, N and Pocket meter. These hardness testers are usually used in the precise measurement of rubber hardness, especially in small pieces when it is not possible to use Shore hardness testers.

The hardness tester calibration is carried out by the direct method as established in the ISO 48-9, ISO 7619-2 and ISO 18898 standards.

The following parameters are measured:


  • Force
    • For IRHD H, L, M and N hardness testers, measurements of the preload force (contact) and measurements of the total force applied by the indentor.
    • For IRHD Pocket hardness testers, force measurements are carried out in at least 8 points, including the 30 IRHD and the 100 IRHD.
  • Depth of indentation
    • For IRHD H, L, M and N hardness testers the depth of indentation is measured at 0 (or minimum value) and at 100 (or maximum value until reaching the top).
    • For IRHD Pocket hardness testers, it is made from 0 to 100 IRHD and measurements are made in at least 4 points, including 30 IRHD and 100 IRHD.
  • Geometrical  characteristics
    • Measurements are made of the diameter of the indenter, the diameter of the pressure foot and the hole diameter pressure foot.

ENAC (ILAC) calibration

  • Calibration with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation of IRHD H, L, M, N and Pocket meter hardness testers.
  • Applied force: Calibration uncertainty (k = 2): 1.5 mN
  • Depth of indentation: Calibration uncertainty (k = 2): 7 μm
  • Geometrical characteristics: Calibration uncertainty (k = 2): 12 μm
Information required to perform a calibration budget:
  • Brand and model of the hardness testers to calibrate.
  • Type of hardness tester to calibrate.

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