laser shaft alignment calibration

Laser shaft alignment calibration

Tradelab carries out laser shaft alignment Accredited calibration according to ISO 17025.

Our laboratory performs the calibration from these parameters:

  • Parallel horizontal misalignment
  • Parallel vertical misalignment
  • Horizontal angle misalignment
  • Vertical angle misalignment

The correction value is determined for each parameter (indication error) and its uncertainty associated.

Laser shaft alignment calibration is performed on the calibration bench, where different misalignments are simulated. Any influence which affects to the measurement, either due to laser sensor, brackets, fixing system or calculations carried out by the reading device microprocessor, are taken into account in the calibration results.

Tradelab is the only European laboratory that has capacity to perform the Accredited misalignment parameters calibration of laser shaft alignment.

Accredited calibration

  • Parallel horizontal misalignment (offset), travel range ± 3 m.
  • Parallel vertical misalignment, travel range ± 3 º (±5,0 mm /100 mm).
  • Horizontal angle misalignment (offset), travel range ± 3 mm.
  • Vertical angle misalignment, travel range ± 3 º (±5,0 mm /100 mm).

Information required to perform a calibration budget:

  • Brand and model.

It is necessary sending the equipment whit all its instruments, the 2 laser measurement units and the display unit. Also are necessaries the V-Brackets and rods.

In addition to the calibration of scales and balances, Tradelab performs the calibration of other measuring instruments.

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