Calibration portable leeb hardness tester

Calibration of portable leeb hardness tester

Tradelab carries out the calibration of portable leeb hardness tester, which have an impact device type D according to ISO 16859 (HLD scale).

The portable leeb hardness tester is used for dynamic hardness tests (by rebound) that has an impact body with spherical tip of tungsten carbide which is impacted at a fixes speed on the surface of the material under test.

The Leeb hardness value is obtained from the ratio between the rebound velocity and the impact velocity of the impact body, multiplied by 1000 (rebound velocity / impact velocity) x1000.

The calibration is carried out according to the indirect method, using reference standard blocks according to ISO 16859-3.

ENAC (ILAC) calibration

  • Calibration from 500 to 700 HLD with calibration uncertainty (k = 2): 9 HLD.
  • Calibration over 700 HLD with calibration uncertainty (k = 2): 12 HLD.
  • The calibration can be done both in the laboratory and on-site.
Information required to perform a calibration budget:
  • Brand and model of the instrument to calibrate.
  • Hardness ranges to calibrate.

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