Lux meters (white light meters) calibration

Tradelab carries out the lux meters or white light meters calibration with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation.

The calibration is carried out using standard incandescent halogen lights (type FEL), at color temperature of 2856 K and at distances equal to or greater than 0.5 m.

The different standard values ​​of illuminance are obtained from the inverse-square law, between the source (lamp) and the detector of the lux meter to be calibrated.

For this purpose, several standard lamps are normally required to perform the calibration of lux meters, in order to cover the entire range of their use.

ENAC (ILAC) calibration

  • Calibration of lux meters with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation within the range of illuminance: 3 lux up to 3000 lux.
  • Calibration uncertainty (k = 2) of 3.0%.

Information required to perform a calibration budget:

  • For the calibration of lux meters, it is necessary to provide the brand and model of the instrument to be calibrated.

In this type of instruments, a calibration date must be arranged.

In addition to calibration of lux meters, Tradelab has an extensive calibration service in different areas.

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