Calibration of non-standardized weight

Calibration of non-standardized weight

Tradelab carries out the ENAC (ILAC) calibration of non-standardized weight, without indication of class and geometric characteristics different from that indicated in OIML R111-1, if it is metallic and non-porous material.

The calibration consists of determining the conventional mass of the weight, and its associated uncertainty, by means of the comparison system with reference standard weights.

The ENAC (ILAC) calibration of non-standardized weights is carried out in the laboratory.

Tradelab can also calibrate standardized according to OIML R111-1 weights according to ENAC (ILAC) accreditation.

ENAC (ILAC) calibration

  • Calibration of non-standardized weights from 1 mg up to 70 kg.
  • For more information refer to the calibration annex:

Information required to perform a calibration budget:

  • Nominal weighs to calibrate.
  • In the case of weight sets: number of weights, maximum and minimum nominal.

In addition to the ENAC (ILAC) calibration of non-standardized and standardized weights, Tradelab performs the calibration of other measurement equipment.

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