Shore Durometer Calibration

Shore hardness tester calibration

Tradelab performs the calibration of Shore A, B, C, D, DO, O, OO, AM, AO, E, M, OD Hardness testers with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation.

The calibration of these hardness testers is carried out by the direct method as set forth in the following standards:

  • EN ISO 868: 2003
  • ASTM D2240-15
  • DIN 53505: 2000
  • ISO 7619-1: 2011
  • ISO 48-9

ENAC (ILAC) calibration

  • Calibration with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation of Shore hardness testers. Calibrated parameters:
  • Spring force
  • Depth of indentation
  • Geometrical characteristics
  • For more information refer to the calibration annex:
Information required to perform a calibration budget:
  • Brand and model.
  • Indicate measurement scale.

Apart from calibrating shore hardness testers, Tradelab also offers calibration services in other areas.

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