Tachometer calibration

Tachometer calibration

Tradelab performs tachometer calibration with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation.

The tachometers are divided into two categories: optical tachometers and mechanical tachometers.

Tradelab performs the optical tachometers calibration without contact through a light pulses source.

The calibration of mechanical and optical tachometers with conical contact adaptor is carried out by comparison with a standard tachometer, when it is measuring the rotation speed from a mechanical axis in motion.

ENAC (ILAC) calibration

  • Calibration with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation of optical tachometers without contact: 6 r.p.m ÷ 100,000 r.p.m.
  • Calibration with ENAC (ILAC) accreditation of mechanical and optical tachometers with contact: 60 r.p.m. ÷ 13,000 r.p.m.
  • The tachometers can also be calibrated with Enac (ILAC) accreditation on-site, up to 50,000 rpm.

Information required to perform a calibration budget:

  • Brand and model.
  • Minimum and maximum range of use of contact tachometers.
  • Indicate if you want to calibrate any point with a cylindrical adapter or wheel to convert the angular velocity into linear speed (*).
  • Calibration place (in the laboratory or on-site).

(*) Tradelab can calibrate the linear speed (m / min) but without Enac (ILAC) accreditation.

In addition to performing tachometers calibration, consult the rest of the instruments for which Tradelab offers calibration services.

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